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Unbagged (2023)  

A Collection of Poems

If we’re lucky enough or blessed enough, we get the chance to live another day. For some, this living comes with what I call “obstacle illusions.” Obstacle illusions are those things:

opportunities, burdens, fears, etc. that seem a thousand feet tall when the reality is that they are not. Many of us soon become aware that taking a moment to assess the situation, shifting, rethinking-getting out of our own paths-brings the realization that the one thousand feet that we’re so afraid of are actually two feet. That idea is nothing new, but each sunrise brings new


These poems speak to the ups and downs in relationships, (“Seasonal Differences” and “Boy, Please”); motherhood, (“WARNING:...” and “Being Their Mom”); and loss (“For my Girl” and “1992/2007/2013”). To me, they are funny and sad, serious and whimsical. They’re true and false.


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